Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm sorry it's been so long!!!!

Well I'm finally back!!! The Internet has been down for a while. Well at least the wireless which means no internet on my computer but husband was still able to play WOW all he wanted. Hmm.. does anyone else see a problem with that? HA
Well he has definitely made it up to me. He got me these sunglasses yesterday as 1. an early b day present (it's not until October) and 2. A get out of jail free card for cleaning for the next couple of weeks. I think it was worth it.

I wasn't always a big fan of Juicy but lately I think they have stepped up there game especially in the ad department. They are just so cute and whimsical. Now all i can think about is pink everything and big satin bows in my hair. Oh shoot advertisement does work!!!!>

On another note after a super yummy homemade dinner I made tonight husband went to get us a dessert and came back with lava cake and this!!!! He is oh so sweet. SEE!!!!, how can I complain about no cleaning when he does things like this all the time? Tough one. HA Well I guess I'lll let him slide for no internet for like a month. You'll be seeing me a lot more now.

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