Monday, March 30, 2009

A day in the country

We went to visit husbands uncle today. It's about 40 miles out of Portland and it was just so amazing to see how quickly the scenery can change out here. I use to commute 40 miles to work back in California and the only thing that use to change were the exit names to the freeway but everything else remained virtually the same but here 40 miles is a whole different world. Filled with endless daffodils fields, cows, sheep, tractor crossing and these amazing farm houses that looked like illustrations in children's books. I loved it!!! I never have really seen a place like this before. It was so pretty. I really can see how people can like living out in the country so much.
On another completely different subject I stumbled upon this site today and I fell in love with the dorkiness of it and how addicting it could become.
The tagging effect is my favorite. I want to get a good picture of husband and I and make Christmas cards with it. This picture of my friend Lenny and I looks great like this. HAHA
And this one of my nephew... adorable. :D

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