Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring nature study

 There is nothing  better than learning through nature. It's fun and most of all it's easy since everything is outside your door. 
The boys and I have been studying the six days of creation and have taken a little extra time on day 3 (land and plants). So what have our studies looked like?  Below are a few of the things we have done so far.

^^^^ We planned out and planted or starters for our herb garden ( I have a bit of a black thumb) praying that I don't mess this one up^^^

^^^ we also planted sunflower seeds which  we are watching grow.... so far so good ^^^^

^^^ We learned and painted the parts of a flower (this is inspired by the printable by Homeschool Creation ) ^^^^

^^^^^Most importantly we went outside and enjoyed all that the Lord created for us^^^

One thing I love about teaching the boys at home is that learning goes hand in hand with life. Lessons can be planned with whatever you are doing. Are you planting a garden this year? Teach your kids a little while you do it. It really can be that simple at this age. 

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