Sunday, March 23, 2014

Explore your town

A few weeks ago the boys and I got together with some new friends and went on a nature walk at a local wildlife refuge The visitors center had a few photo scavenger hunts  that  you can do while on the trail. The boys brought their own camera's and we went on a hunt. We didn't have much luck finding anything on the list but below are a few of my favorite photos the boys took on their toy cameras. I have to admit it makes me really happy to see them take a liking to something I love to do as well. 

 Even though we live in a place that may feel small there are so many things and places to explore. Here are a few tips on how to be a tourist of your own town.

  • Find a local park of wildlife refuge- Ask them if they have any special events (many have story times and activities for young children)
  • Most cities have at least a few walking trails that are paved, stroller friendly and great for everyone (make a check list and walk every one of them this spring and summer)  
  • Go to the library- Besides book and story times most libraries have special activities. Our local branch does a young scientist activity a few times a month
  • Check the local business' and see what they have. We have a local yarn, and sustainable arts store that does workshops and events for everyone in the family. In fact they just had a demo on how to sheer an angora rabbit and had a few rabbit kits you could visit. Even though I may not spin my own yard it's something new and fun to watch. 
  • Check local theaters: This is one we have yet to do but check for high school theaters or college etc. and see if they have any kid friendly shows you can watch for a reasonable price (bonus: matinee is always cheaper) 
  • Take tours of your local fire station, police station and post office. This can require a little planning and getting a group together but they are always so fun.
  • buy or check out a book about local plant life and go on a nature walk and try to identify all the plants 
  • Do the same with local birds
  • Check for your cities museum. Most cities no matter how small typically have a small museum about their history. It's always fun to see how and who established the place you live
I hope these tips will keep you and your family busy this spring and really get to know your town. 

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