Friday, November 1, 2013


Halloween was a busy day for us. We spent the morning at a local state park and trick or treating in the evening. Bear was so excited about Halloween, we've had our costumes for the last two month. We dressed up a little early to insure being able to get a few photos. (last year I waited too long and only have Iphone pictures) Last minute pumpkin carving, and a little Punkin Chunkin show to pass the time before it was dark enough to head out.

Baby Hawk fell asleep before the festivities officially started so papa stayed home and handed out candy while I took the boys trick or treating. As you can see safety was at the utmost importance and the boys were excited about holding their  very own glow stick (thanks bubbie). We got home and they each had one piece of candy before going to bed. They requested to keep their glow sticks for the evening which seemed harmless at first. Two hours, and two very awake toddlers later we revoked that right. Between the sheer excitement, sugar rush and glow stick frenzy it took  them a while to finally fall asleep. Bear was still so hopped up on excitement that he walked into our room at 4am requesting to start our day. Ummm... not going to happen. He fell back asleep only to wake up at his normal time with a mission to attempt sneak candy. Oh children, what you won't do for candy. It was a wonderful day and the left over candy ( that I haven't eaten) it now safely on the top shelf of our pantry.

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