Tuesday, October 15, 2013

an orchard

 We seemed to have missed the "you pick" apple orchards this season which I was a little sad about. So when a friend requested I take her children's  pictures in an orchard I was on a mission to find one.
I ended up finding one that isn't open to the public but has a sweet family that runs it. They were kind enough to not only let me take pictures once but also scout out the location before. So over the weekend that is what the boys and I did. And despite not being able to take a single apple home with us we didn't mind one bIt because we had it all to ourselves for a short time. The boys had so much fun weaving in and out of all the trees.
I am sure loving this season the whole world just seems like God's giant canvas that he has so beautifully painted in vibrant, rich hues. Every tree, plant and field just seems like a work of art. I have never lived in a place where even a simple drive to the grocery store feels like a scenic drive. Wow! I think I am starting to like it here.

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