Friday, June 21, 2013

Camping (and being nomadic)

As I mentioned before we camped for a few days between our big move out of state. As if we didn't have enough on our plate, we headed to the woods with our essentials and let the moving trucks haul and store our things until our new rental was ready. Honestly I love camping, I really do but not really having a home to come back to (well at least without unpacking first) made this trip even more of an adventure. But it was either that or living in a hotel the whole time (which we did end up doing towards the last stretch of our trip)
If your wondering how we ended up with no home for a while. Long story short, our old landlords sold the house quicker than expected and having a hard time finding a  new home when not living in that state. Not ideal in the slightest but we made the best of it.

The great thing about camping with my boys was the fact that they didn't need much, a few cars, some crayons and paper, and pretty much anything they found on the ground. They rolled around in dirt (literally) helped gather wood (well more like kindling) and built with rocks and leaves. Free entertainment at its best.

Things I never want to forget about this trip:
*Walking down to the creek with the boys, pens, crayons, and journals at hand. We all sat there while they drew I journaled all while listening to the stream running, it was amazing.
*watching Bear practically bath in dirt
*cooking pancakes and eggs in the morning
*the very snuggled co sleeping situation we were in
*putting the boys to sleep and sneaking out of the tent with husband and talking for hours by the fire.

Things I wish to either forget or learn to laugh about later
*the sudden rain showers.  The boys would cry and get stuck in them and freeze. We would have to haul them into the tent
*not finding my camping french press and having to drink the weakest peculator coffee EVER!!! I had  to be doing it wrong.
* Finding out that I need new hiking shoes the hard way and having cold slightly damp feet
* Remember the co sleeping thing above, yeah add that to being 29 weeks pregnant. OH BOY!

Overall I would definitely put this in the success category of ideas. The situations that lead us to go may not have been ideal but we spent time together, building memories and hopefully setting an example to our sons to trust the Lord and know that things will work out. We are slowly getting back into life and our new normal. Still unsure of what lies ahead but as least I know I have an amazing gang for the ride.

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