Monday, February 25, 2013


The weather man did us wrong with weekend. Husband had a weekend off which is really rare. Friday night we searched online for something to do over the weekend perhaps a trip to the coast or camping, or anything that involved us leaving the house for a whole weekend. Then we heard about a storm that was coming in for the next week. The coast had a major wind advisory and camping in the rain sounded horrible so we opted to stay in.

We were pretty upset when Saturday rolled in with only a few light showers and the sun actually making an appearance. Do you know how rare sunlight is in the Northwest in February?!!! We decided to get out on Sunday for a day trip up to Mt. Hood. Being a California native, snow makes me giddy. I have actually never been in snow that is more than a few inches tall. So seeing snow piles on this trail that were as tall as me was incredible.

The boys had a love hate relationship with the snow. It was so fluffy that their boots would get stuck and cause them to fall. Once they mastered staying on the trail they loved it. Bear kept talking to us about snow plows while W enjoyed picking in up and crushing it in his hands. I am so happy we decided to get out on Sunday. Next time we might have to take a chance against  the weather man.

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