Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

This is the second year we have gone to a "you cut" tree farm. We were so excited to hop in the car and continue this tradition. The trip was nothing short on an adventure between having to climb over the blackberry vines and having to contain two very excited little boys from not getting hurt or stuck in the vines, a stray dog that scared Bear and a random cat that wanted to come home with us. Despite all that we managed to  find the perfect Christmas tree.
We waited until the evening to decorate it with the boys. Bear was really interested in it and helped his Bubbie hang ornaments. We placed any breakable ornaments on top and left only non breakable ones on the bottom. The boys have done anything from push their trains on the branches like they were on rails, hide toys in it and have managed to pull down any ornament within arms reach. So in other words the bottom half of my tree is pretty ugly. But hey, that is the way life goes with kids sometimes it isn't always pretty but we are non the less enjoying our half beautiful tree.


  1. I love that first picture, so gorgeous! It sounds like you guys had such a fun time cutting down your own tree and decorating it. I want to start the tradition of cutting down our own tree too, maybe next year!

    1. Thanks! You should totally try it. This farm wasn't my favorite but we will have to hunt for another one next year.