Monday, October 8, 2012

Jack O'Lantern with Simple Shapes

I was planning on doing a Jack O'Lantern project to introduce triangles to Bear. I searched YouTube for a kids jack o'lantern song and found this little cheesy song. I loved the fact that it starts with a blank pumpkin and slowly forms the face piece by piece starting with the eyes. I introduced the pre-cut shapes (green triangle for the stem, black triangles for the eyes and nose and circle for the mouth since these are the only two shapes we are working on.) first and we went through them. We then watched the video.

I then pulled out our pumpkin stamping picture and used it as the base of this project. If you don't have this you can have a pre-cut large orange circle out of construction paper or have your little one paint one prior to this.  Then I replayed the video bit by bit. I would pause when a new piece of the face would appear. I would then name the facial feature and ask where his eyes are and count how many eyes he had. I handed him two triangles with glue already on them and had him place them on the picture. We continued this process through each feature. Playing and pausing the video with each step.

Here are a few objectives of this projects

  1. colors (green, orange, black)
  2. shapes (circles, triangles)
  3. facial features  
  4. counting 
Once complete I had him paint leaves and vines to connect all his pumpkins.

** Mommy Confession** this one was REALLY hard for be to be hands off. I usually can just watch the process but maybe I really wanted it to look more like a Jack O'Lantern. Who knows? I had to remind myself that this was HIS work and I needed to back off. Do any of you ever get that urge to get in and make things look "perfect"?


  1. Great idea! I love finding fun activities that also teach things.

  2. I'm really impressed with the freedom you gave your son and what a non-perfect job you allowed him to do. I teach 2 year olds and also teach preschool teachers. I taught a workshop this weekend about the power of supporting kids' artistic expression and play, and I was surprised you said it had been a challenge for you because it is cler in the last picture that he had full control and tons of fun!

    1. [should be "clear" not "cler" - iPhone goof]

    2. Thank you. I am so glad I was able to contain myself and give him his freedom.