Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i'm loving spring

We have been graced by the presence of the sun. The last two days have been the best weather we have had in a while. The street were so crowded with people as if we just woke up from hibernation. As always I had to work both days but I was able to sneak a little picnic at the Rose Garden with husband during my lunch break.

I have never seen so many cherry blossoms until I moved here. I love pink trees.
I've never really seen so many daffodils either... come to think about it I haven't experienced seasons before this whole flowers blooming everywhere thing is new and so exciting.
Okay I leave you with a picture of husband driving me back to work. FYI husband hates taking pictures that;s why you'll see so many car pictures he can't get away from the camera if he's driving :D He's so handsome... I love him so much.

Enough sappy stuff off to bed. Hopefully we will be on a 3 day streak of 70 degree weather. Goodnight.

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